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24. Februar 2021


Regardless of whether you are intro- or extroverted, humans are social beings. Especially in times of Corona we can feel how important social contact is for us. On this page we collect events for you you can use to meet new people and talk.

• On the Study’n’Social server over on MatterMost students can chat and videocall each other, make private groups and join weekly events every wednesday from 20 o’clock to 21 o’clock. No registration required!
For April, the event schedule is:

• April 7th: Play „Werewolves“, moderated by Enya and Alex

• April 14th: Game Night with Kim and Hannah; we’ll be playing „Skribbl“ (monday painters) and „Codenames“

• April 21st: Meet new people – bring wine, tea, beer or whatever beverage you like and get ready for a nice evening. Moderated by Alex and Jonas

• April 28th: Cooking Night with Enya; we’ll make potato chili stew with fried polenta stripes. The recipe will be online in time on the server and on our social media.

• On the Discord server „Steinfurt gegen Langeweile“ students can exchange ideas, play, learn and celebrate with one another. Click here to join.