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One of the main claims to our project is the involvement and participation of students.

One student from the Health Department is currently working on the SGM project (see here). We would be happy if you too would like to be creative with us and plan and implement health-promoting measures for the FH students (e.g. as part of a project position with us that is remunerated). Get in touch and together we will see what is possible!

You’re welcome to write to sgm@astafh.de or via per WhatsApp to 0176/34690587.

You don’t necessarily want to “work”, but have ideas on which health-promoting offers our students could use? Or you have already noticed several times that, for example, certain study conditions or regulations create pressure and stress for you and your fellow students? Then we would be happy if you write us a short email to sgm@astafh.de.

You can also participate via be part take part! There you can submit and vote on ideas of others – and thus actively participate in the design of the campus and more.