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Stress and mental health


On this page you will find various resources against stress and for mental health. If you have the feeling that you need more help or would like to contact someone personally, see if one of the universities services, the BMC-Ambulanz or nightline is something for you. You can find further services here.


Meditation is trending, and deservedly so. It helps to relax and to leave the physical fight / flight reaction. It brings us back to the present and really helps us to relax.

Here you will find three types of meditation explained – two of which can be easily tried out.

• If you have Netflix you might be interested in the exercise series „Headspace“.

• You can find another free course at Techniker Krankenkasse.

• There you’ll also find a  BodyScan to download.

• If you are interested in meditation in general, you might like the 7Mind Podcast.

Sleep quality

Not later than after the first exams phase until everyone experiences first-hand how important is to get a good night of sleep. But many people have trouble sleeping even if they don’t have nightmares or last-minute entry allnighters.
If you are one of them or just have questions about sleep quality, you might be interested in the free video chat that will take place on February 25th with sleep expert Dr. Fabian Krapf. There you will receive tips for 15 minutes and you can ask your own questions, which Mr. Kropf will answer directly.

Coping with stress

Stress can come from an incredible number of sources and can vary from person to person. We are still working on very precise tips for you. Until then, maybe have a look at this document by Techniker Krankenkasse (the document is written in German). It covers many different forms of stress, so you don’t need to read everything – only the passages that are interesting to you.


– Under Construction –

We’re still working on this part. Once we’re finished, you’ll find content on self care, mindfulness, and what else helps staying mentally healthy here.