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Meal Prep with Kathi and Fee


If you’re searching for more infos on or video tutorials for meal prep, you’ve come to the right place. While working on a study project, your fellow students Kathi and Fee produced a series of videos with great tipps, tricks and infos on meal prep for you. You’ll find the recipes here. Down below you’ll also find further resources as well as the link to Kathi’s YoutTube channel.


Meal prep on a low budget





How to level up your meal prep

Did you like the videos? Here you’ll find Kathi’s YouTube channel. And here are more infos…

• … on the V-Label
• … on food additives
• … on the correct storage of food
• … on the storage ABC
• … on how to sort your fridge & other tips

The soundtracks in the Videos are „Nice to you“, „About that Oldie“ and „Undeniable“ by Vibe Tracks and „Believer“ by Silent Partner.