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Physical activity


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Moving keeps healthy and makes happy! So why is sport something that many people don’t like to do? Maybe it feels forced, or maybe they’ve had bad experiences, or just aren’t the type for it. Below there are tips that will hopefully have something for everyone. If you cannot find anything, you might be interested in movement-consulting advice via mail. In a dialogue you can find out which type of movement suits you.

Here are our tips:

Fit in everyday life

In everyday life there are many little things that you can do to keep moving, such as:

• Ride a bike instead of a car / bus / e-scooter / …

• Walk suitable routes

• Use stairs instead of the elevator

• If you do not want to climb up all floors of the stairs, you can also use the elevator to cover part of it and then change to the stairs

• Take active breaks

Movement as a side effect

You do not always have to plan to move. Sometimes it happens all by itself, and it is a lot of fun too. For example:

• Dancing

• Jump on a trampolin

• Play soccer / volleyball / badminton / … with friends

• Swim

• Take a stroll

• Go on a bike ride

Maybe Naviki will help you with that

• Hike

• Slide

• Swing



Below are different ways to exercise.
If you are looking for ways to do sport despite Corona have a look here under our Corona tips.

• University sports

• local sport clubs (Find the Turnerbund Steinfurt here)

• Gym (e.g. the CampusGym)

• Go jogging

• From home: using videos

Videos by university sports

• Videos by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern

• Free yoga class by Techniker Krankenkasse

• YouTube has many great offers

• From home: using training plans

• From home: using live courses

• Free live online active breaks

• Simple equipment with which you can train at home:

• Fitness band

• dumbbells

• Jumping rope