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11. Januar 2021

New Years Resources

Rarely was new years eve as longed for as this past year. Leaving 2020 behind was incredibly important for many of us. So if you don’t have any new years resolutions, that’s fine! We’re all allowed to be tired, especially right now. But if you’re highly motivated to finally reach all those usual goals, here are some digital resources to do that. All of the following are offered in German, but many use pictures, so you might be able to enjoy them even if you don’t speak the language.

• Digital offers by University Sports:

• Live sessions

• Free training routines

• Free training videos

• Free workshops on healthy nutrition by the DAK

• Using the code „Gesundheit-für-mich“ the first 200 students may freely use the Health Coach by the Techniker Krankenkasse. The Health Coach supports reaching your individual health goal, e.g. „reducing stress“ or to „stop smoking“.

• Free yoga videos by the TK

• Free yoga course by the TK

Strategy advice: How to reach your goals
Have you ever heard of smart goals? You’re more likely to reach your goal, using the following criteria whilst formulating your goal in the first place:

specific: be as concrete as possible.     e.g. I want to live more healthily → I want to drink enough water

measurable: only aim to achieve what you can measure.     e.g. drink more water → drink 1.5 litres a day

attractive: only choose goals you *really* want to achieve

realistic: do you have enough time and opportunities to achieve what you set out to? Plan realistically.

terminated: set one or multiple dates on which you control yourself. This way, you have a deadline you can work towards and defeat procrastination.