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30. April 2020

Dear international students,

We know that in due to the COVID-19 pandemic the plan of study of some of you is being affected, this happens among other reasons because is not possible to accomplish 100% the assignments in an online form. This is specially worrisome for us international students! Together with the uncertainty of our residence permit and the money needed for us to proof that we can sustain ourselves, there are other worrieslike the fact that some of you are in your home countries and dont know when it will be possible to come back because we dont know until when are the borders between countries going to be closed. Some of you are also here in Germany feeling lonely in the dorms or in your houses.

Here in AStA we want to let you know that you are not alone and we have an open ear for you. we may not have all the answers but we can offer all the means to help you find them. We are here to specially accompany you because we are part of a special vulnerable portion of the student body, with problems that come additionally to the students problems that we are all facing.
Caro is „Referentin für internationale Studierende“, text her via rist@astafh.de for information and support.