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Hannah Ehlert


Pronouns: she / her

is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the student health management on the side of the AStA of the Münster University of Applied Sciences. In summer 2020 she successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in ecotrophology. Her focus is on holistic concepts and the big picture.

Contact: sgm@astafh.de |   0251/8364899   |   0176/34690587



One of the main claims to our project is the involvement and participation of students.

One student from the Health Department is currently working on the SGM project (see here). We would be happy if you too would like to be creative with us and plan and implement health-promoting measures for the FH students (e.g. as part of a project position with us that is remunerated). Get in touch and together we will see what is possible!

You’re welcome to write to sgm@astafh.de or via per WhatsApp to 0176/34690587.

You don’t necessarily want to “work”, but have ideas on which health-promoting offers our students could use? Or you have already noticed several times that, for example, certain study conditions or regulations create pressure and stress for you and your fellow students? Then we would be happy if you write us a short email to sgm@astafh.de.

You can also participate via be part take part! There you can submit and vote on ideas of others – and thus actively participate in the design of the campus and more.

Stress and mental health


On this page you will find various resources against stress and for mental health. If you have the feeling that you need more help or would like to contact someone personally, see if one of the universities services, the BMC-Ambulanz or nightline is something for you. You can find further services here.


Meditation is trending, and deservedly so. It helps to relax and to leave the physical fight / flight reaction. It brings us back to the present and really helps us to relax.

Here you will find three types of meditation explained – two of which can be easily tried out.

• If you have Netflix you might be interested in the exercise series „Headspace“.

• You can find another free course at Techniker Krankenkasse.

• There you’ll also find a  BodyScan to download.

• If you are interested in meditation in general, you might like the 7Mind Podcast.

Sleep quality

Not later than after the first exams phase until everyone experiences first-hand how important is to get a good night of sleep. But many people have trouble sleeping even if they don’t have nightmares or last-minute entry allnighters.
If you are one of them or just have questions about sleep quality, you might be interested in the free video chat that will take place on February 25th with sleep expert Dr. Fabian Krapf. There you will receive tips for 15 minutes and you can ask your own questions, which Mr. Kropf will answer directly.

Coping with stress

Stress can come from an incredible number of sources and can vary from person to person. We are still working on very precise tips for you. Until then, maybe have a look at this document by Techniker Krankenkasse (the document is written in German). It covers many different forms of stress, so you don’t need to read everything – only the passages that are interesting to you.


– Under Construction –

We’re still working on this part. Once we’re finished, you’ll find content on self care, mindfulness, and what else helps staying mentally healthy here.




Regardless of whether you are intro- or extroverted, humans are social beings. Especially in times of Corona we can feel how important social contact is for us. On this page we collect events for you you can use to meet new people and talk.

• On the Study’n’Social server over on MatterMost students can chat and videocall each other, make private groups and join weekly events every wednesday from 20 o’clock to 21 o’clock. No registration required!
For April, the event schedule is:

• April 7th: Play „Werewolves“, moderated by Enya and Alex

• April 14th: Game Night with Kim and Hannah; we’ll be playing „Skribbl“ (monday painters) and „Codenames“

• April 21st: Meet new people – bring wine, tea, beer or whatever beverage you like and get ready for a nice evening. Moderated by Alex and Jonas

• April 28th: Cooking Night with Enya; we’ll make potato chili stew with fried polenta stripes. The recipe will be online in time on the server and on our social media.

• On the Discord server „Steinfurt gegen Langeweile“ students can exchange ideas, play, learn and celebrate with one another. Click here to join.

Physical activity


Moving keeps healthy and makes happy! So why is sport something that many people don’t like to do? Maybe it feels forced, or maybe they’ve had bad experiences, or just aren’t the type for it. Below there are tips that will hopefully have something for everyone. If you cannot find anything, you might be interested in movement-consulting advice via mail. In a dialogue you can find out which type of movement suits you.

Here are our tips:

Fit in everyday life

In everyday life there are many little things that you can do to keep moving, such as:

• Ride a bike instead of a car / bus / e-scooter / …

• Walk suitable routes

• Use stairs instead of the elevator

• If you do not want to climb up all floors of the stairs, you can also use the elevator to cover part of it and then change to the stairs

• Take active breaks

Movement as a side effect

You do not always have to plan to move. Sometimes it happens all by itself, and it is a lot of fun too. For example:

• Dancing

• Jump on a trampolin

• Play soccer / volleyball / badminton / … with friends

• Swim

• Take a stroll

• Go on a bike ride

Maybe Naviki will help you with that

• Hike

• Slide

• Swing



Below are different ways to exercise.
If you are looking for ways to do sport despite Corona have a look here under our Corona tips.

• University sports

• local sport clubs (Find the Turnerbund Steinfurt here)

• Gym (e.g. the CampusGym)

• Go jogging

• From home: using videos

Videos by university sports

• Videos by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern

• Free yoga class by Techniker Krankenkasse

• YouTube has many great offers

• From home: using training plans

• From home: using live courses

• Free live online active breaks

• Simple equipment with which you can train at home:

• Fitness band

• dumbbells

• Jumping rope

Meal Prep with Kathi and Fee


If you’re searching for more infos on or video tutorials for meal prep, you’ve come to the right place. While working on a study project, your fellow students Kathi and Fee produced a series of videos with great tipps, tricks and infos on meal prep for you. You’ll find the recipes here. Down below you’ll also find further resources as well as the link to Kathi’s YoutTube channel.


Meal prep on a low budget





How to level up your meal prep

Did you like the videos? Here you’ll find Kathi’s YouTube channel. And here are more infos…

• … on the V-Label
• … on food additives
• … on the correct storage of food
• … on the storage ABC
• … on how to sort your fridge & other tips

The soundtracks in the Videos are „Nice to you“, „About that Oldie“ and „Undeniable“ by Vibe Tracks and „Believer“ by Silent Partner.



On this page we collect useful information and tips about nutrition for you. At the moment that’s mainly meal prep – pre-cooking meals to save time in the kitchen. Soon there will be blog entries with great student recipes. If you would like more content or even want to contribute yourself, please write us you ideas to sgm@astafh.de.

Meal prep

Tired of ready-made meals and fast food? You don’t feel like cooking every day either? Then we might have something for you: meal prep! You can use this method to prepare meals for several days. Just pick out suited recipes that you like, write a shopping list, shop, and cook everything in one day.
Important: Pay attention to the correct storage (for example in the freezer). That way you’ll be covered with food every day.

Benefits? Time and money savings and a healthy, balanced diet – even in stressful times!

We have put together three recipes for you to cook at home. They are vegan (if you replace the Mie noodles) and can be spiced up to your own taste. In addition to the three recipes, here are 6 video tutorials of 2 FH students.

Couscous Salad

300g tomatoes | 1 bell pepper | ½ cucumber | 1 can of chickpeas | 1 bunch of spring onions | 1 bunch of rocket | 100g couscous | Salt , pepper, olive oil | Ajvar | Lemon juice | 200ml water
-> You can add any other vegetables of your choice to use and even fish, meat or tofu.

1. . Mix 200ml hot water with 1-2 tablespoons ajvar, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon oil.
2. Add the couscous, let it steep for 5 minutes and season to taste (add lemon juice if necessary and season).
3. Wash the vegetables and rocket, drain the chickpeas, and dice the vegetables.
4. Arrange everything together and pour a dressing of your choice over the vegetables and rocket (preferably drizzle with olive oil).

Tip: Add the rocket fresh on the day of consumption.

Baked Broccoli and Sweet Potato Vegetable

1 broccoli | 1 sweet potato | Salt, pepper, oregano, and olive oil | If required: 2 cups of rice or noodles
-> fish, meat or tofu can be added as desired.

1. Remove the stalk from the broccoli and cut into small pieces. Dice the sweet potato.
2. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano. Add broccoli and sweet potatoes and mix everything together.
3. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees circulating air.
4. Line the baking sheet with paper. Spread the broccoli and sweet potatoes on the baking tray.
Put the tray in the oven for 25 minutes. Then season to taste.

Extra: If you use this recipe for your meal prep, leave the vegetables in the oven for 20 minutes only.

Pho Soup

1 carrot | 1 small Fennel | 30g Kaiser beans | 80g Mie noodles | 30g sprouts | 1 clove of garlic | 2 tbsp vegetable broth | 2 tbsp soy sauce | Salt , pepper and chilli | Coconut milk | 400 ml of water

1. Wash the vegetables, cut the snow peas in half, remove the fennel stalk. Cut everything into strips.
2. Put the vegetable stock, soy sauce, noodles and vegetables in a sealable jar and seal.
3. Just before consumption, boil 400 ml of water, pour it over the other ingredients, add 1-2 tbsp coconut milk and let it steep for 3 minutes.

The dish can be stored in a sealable container in the refrigerator or taken away.

Fast, cheap & healthy

– Under Construction –

We’re still working on this part! Once we’re done, you’ll find great recipes for students here.


Corona Tips


„Corona pandemic“, the word of the year 2020 in Germany – nobody wants to hear it anymore. The situation affects us all and especially young people suffer from the restrictions. That is why we’re working on providing you with information and tips here so that you can survive these times better:

Together with friends

If we cannot be together in person, then we’ll just meet digitally! For example like this:

• Play Monday painters together

• Win in Urban-rural-river

• Guess who is it

• Watch a series together on Netflix

• Watch Youtube & Co at the same time

↑ How about e.g. a try-not-to-laugh challenge?

Draw a picture together

• Let your favorite Pokémon compete against each other

Meet new people

Here are a few digital offers where you can meet new people:

• On the Study’n’Social server over on MatterMost students can chat and videocall each other, make private groups and join weekly events every wednesday from 20 o’clock to 21 o’clock. No registration required!
For April, the event schedule is:

• April 7th: Play „Werewolves“, moderated by Enya and Alex

• April 14th: Game Night with Kim and Hannah; we’ll be playing „Skribbl“ (monday painters) and „Codenames“

• April 21st: Meet new people – bring wine, tea, beer or whatever beverage you like and get ready for a nice evening. Moderated by Alex and Jonas

• April 28th: Cooking Night with Enya; we’ll make potato chili stew with fried polenta stripes. The recipe will be online in time on the server and on our social media.

• The social counseling of the Studierendenwerk regularly organizes many different events to meet people online

• On the Discord Server „Steinfurt gegen Langeweile“ students can exchange ideas, play, learn and celebrate with one another.


Unfortunately, most of the sports activities are canceled – but necessity makes creative! Here are some offers suitable for the pandemic:

• Free training plans and training videos by university sports

• Live university sports via Zoom at small cost

• Free live online active breaks

• Free yoga videos und courses by the Techniker Krankenkasse

• There are also numerous training videos for various sports on YouTube

Without boredom

The pandemic has taken many activities from many of us. Without a goal and without a hobby it quickly becomes boring – and we spend the months in front of the TV or in front of Netflix. If you are looking for new occupations or just want to try something new, here are a few suggestions:

• Learn an instrument (for many you can find free tutorials online)

• Try out recipes

• Refresh or expand language skills (for example with the language courses of the AStA, Duolingo or Memrise)

• Read a good book

• Learn handstands

• Try or practice painting and drawing

• Craft something

Learn something new online

• Bild a pillow fort

Do you have ideas and tips that you would like to pass on? Write to us via sgm@astafh.de and we will add them to this list!

Do you want more Corona tips? Then take a look at the website of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. There you’ll find more extensive texts as well as more topics.


We introduce: the Student Health Management


SGM stands for Student Health Management. In our case, the SGM is a joint project of the Münster University of Applied Sciences and the AStA with the support of our health partner, Techniker Krankenkasse.

Put simply, the primary goal of the project is the healthy organization of studies for students at the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

And what's the point?

Health is important at any age. It is not only our behavior that influences our health, but also the conditions in which we live, work and study.

The university is a place where students spend a lot of time and where their habits are shaped. It is our goal that our students find themselves in an environment that is health-preserving and health-promoting for them.

Is that my business?

The target public of the project are all students of the Münster University of Applied Sciences – without exception.

The measures that are created should be tailored as precisely as possible to the needs of our students. Therefore, a survey was carried out in December 2020 in which we asked about your general state of health as well as your needs. We are currently evaluating the data and will build measures on the findings.

These could be for example: relaxation courses or information events on topics such as mental health, ergonomics, and nutrition.

The survey results could also show that certain study conditions create pressure or stress. Then we would try to change these to a version that is as healthy as possible.

We would also like to include students who would like to participate in the project.

Do you want to know more?

• Under About us you can find out who is behind the project.

• You can find out about the latest news from the SGM here on the website or on Facebook and Instagram.

If you like the project, then maybe be part take part is also interesting for you! By submitting and voting on ideas, you can actively participate in the design of the campus and more.
You can also take part in study’n’health – read more about it here.

Meal Prep mit Kathi und Fee


Wer mehr Infos oder Videoanleitungen zum Meal Prep sucht, ist hier richtig! Eure Kommilitonninnen Kathi und Fee haben sich im Rahmen ihrer Projektarbeit daran gemacht, Videos mit tollen Tipps, Tricks und Infos für euch bereit zu stellen. Hier gibt’s die Rezepte. Weiter unten findet noch weitere Ressourcen der beiden sowie den Link zu Kathis Youtube-Channel. Und wenn euch die Videos gefallen haben, könnt ihr unten auch an einer Umfrage für die Projektarbeit der beiden teilnehmen.

So, jetzt aber viel Spaß mit den Videos und guten Appetit 😉

Meal Prep für den kleinen Geldbeutel





Meal Prep: noch mehr Tipps & Tricks

Hat euch gefallen? Dann helft den beiden doch aus, indem ihr an ihrer Umfrage teilnehmt. Hier geht es außerdem zu Kathis YouTube-Channel. Und hier gibt’s noch mehr Infos…

• … zum V-Label
• … zu Zusatzstoffen
• … zur richtigen Lagerung von Lebensmitteln
• … zum Lagerungs-ABC
• … zum Kühlschrank richtig einsortieren & sonstige Tipps

Die Soundtracks in den Videos sind „Nice to you“, „About that Oldie“ und „Undeniable“ von Vibe Tracks und „Believer“ von Silent Partner.

New Years Resources


Rarely was new years eve as longed for as this past year. Leaving 2020 behind was incredibly important for many of us. So if you don’t have any new years resolutions, that’s fine! We’re all allowed to be tired, especially right now. But if you’re highly motivated to finally reach all those usual goals, here are some digital resources to do that. All of the following are offered in German, but many use pictures, so you might be able to enjoy them even if you don’t speak the language.

• Digital offers by University Sports:

• Live sessions

• Free training routines

• Free training videos

• Free workshops on healthy nutrition by the DAK

• Using the code „Gesundheit-für-mich“ the first 200 students may freely use the Health Coach by the Techniker Krankenkasse. The Health Coach supports reaching your individual health goal, e.g. „reducing stress“ or to „stop smoking“.

• Free yoga videos by the TK

• Free yoga course by the TK

Strategy advice: How to reach your goals
Have you ever heard of smart goals? You’re more likely to reach your goal, using the following criteria whilst formulating your goal in the first place:

specific: be as concrete as possible.     e.g. I want to live more healthily → I want to drink enough water

measurable: only aim to achieve what you can measure.     e.g. drink more water → drink 1.5 litres a day

attractive: only choose goals you *really* want to achieve

realistic: do you have enough time and opportunities to achieve what you set out to? Plan realistically.

terminated: set one or multiple dates on which you control yourself. This way, you have a deadline you can work towards and defeat procrastination.


Wir stellen vor: das Studentische Gesundheitsmanagement


SGM steht für Studentisches Gesundheitsmanagement. In unserem Fall ist das SGM ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt der FH Münster und des AStA mit Unterstützung unserer Gesundheitspartnerin der Techniker Krankenkasse.

Oberstes Ziel des Projekts ist vereinfacht gesagt die gesunde Gestaltung des Studiums für die Studierenden der FH Münster.

Und wozu das Ganze?

Gesundheit ist in jedem Alter wichtig. Dabei ist nicht nur das gesundheitsbezogene Verhalten entscheidend, sondern auch die Verhältnisse, in denen man lebt, arbeitet, studiert.

Die Hochschule ist ein Ort, an dem sich Studierende viel aufhalten und einer, der sie mehr oder weniger prägt. Unser Ziel ist es, dass sich unsere Studierenden in einer Umgebung wiederfinden, die gesundheitserhaltend bzw. gesundheitsförderlich für sie ist.

Was habe ich damit zu tun?

Adressaten*innen des Projekts sind alle Studierenden der FH Münster – und zwar ohne Ausnahme.

Die Maßnahmen, die geschaffen werden, sollten möglichst passgenau auf den Bedarfen unserer Studierenden ausgerichtet werden. Deshalb wurde im Dezember 2020 eine Umfrage durchgeführt, mit der wir den Gesundheitsstand und die Bedürfnisse abgefragt haben. Darauf können wir dann nach der Auswertung Maßnahmen aufbauen.

Dies können z. B. Entspannungskurse sein oder Informationsveranstaltungen zu Themen wie psychische Gesundheit, Ergonomie, Ernährung.

In den Befragungsergebnissen kann sich auch zeigen, dass bestimmte Studienbedingungen Druck oder Stress erzeugen. Dann versuchen wir, diese möglichst gesundheitsförderlich zu gestalten.

Außerdem möchten auch wir Studierende, die gerne mitarbeiten möchten, in das Projekt miteinbeziehen.

Du willst mehr wissen?

• Unter Wir über uns erfährst du, wer hinter dem Projekt steht.

• Neues vom SGM erfährst du hier auf der Website oder auf Facebook und Instagram.

Wenn dir das Projekt gefällt, dann ist vielleicht auch be part take part interessant für dich! Da kannst du durch das Einreichen und Abstimmen über Ideen aktiv an der Gestaltung des Campus und mehr mitwirken.
Mitmachen kannst du auch bei study’n’health – lies hier mehr darüber.



Egal ob man intro- oder extravertiert ist, Menschen sind soziale Wesen. Gerade in Zeiten von Corona spürt man, wie wichtig soziale Kontakte für uns sind. Auf dieser Seite hier sammeln wir für euch Veranstaltungen und Co. bei denen ihr neue Leute kennenlernen und ins Gespräch kommen könnt.

• Auf dem Study’n’Social Server auf MatterMost könnt ihr miteinander chatten, telefonieren und euch sonstwie austauschen. Außerdem halten wir jeden Eventwoch von 20-21 Uhr eine Veranstaltung für euch.
Im April gibt es folgende Events:

• 07. April: Spielt „Werwölfe von Düsterburg“, moderiert von Enya und Alex

• 14. April: Spieleabend mit Kim und Hannah; wir spielen „Skribbl“ (Montagsmaler) und „Codenames“ mit euch

• 21. April: Trefft neue Leute am Kennenlernabend, moderiert von Alex und Jonas

• 28. April: Kochabend mit Enya; es gibt Chilli-Kartoffel-Eintopf mit gerösteten Tortillastreifen. Die Einkaufsliste gibt es rechtzeitig auf dem Server und auf unseren Social Media Kanälen.

• Auf dem Discord Server „Steinfurt gegen Langeweile“ können sich Studis austauschen, miteinander spielen, lernen und feiern. Hier klicken um draufzukommen.

Mach mit!


Ein wesentlicher Anspruch, den wir an unser Projekt haben, ist die Einbeziehung und Partizipation von Studierenden.

Aktuell arbeitet bereits ein FH-Studierender des Fachbereichs Gesundheit im SGM-Projekt mit (siehe hier). Wir freuen uns, wenn auch du Lust hast, mit uns gemeinsam kreativ zu werden und gesundheitsfördernde Maßnahmen für die FH-Studierenden zu planen und umzusetzen (z. B. im Rahmen einer Projektstelle bei uns, die vergütet wird). Melde dich und wir schauen gemeinsam, was möglich ist!

Schreibe uns gerne formlos an sgm@astafh.de oder per WhatsApp an 0176/34690587.

Du möchtest nicht unbedingt „mitarbeiten“, hast aber Ideen, welche gesundheitsförderlichen Angebote unsere Studierenden gebrauchen könnten? Oder du hast schon mehrfach mitbekommen, dass z. B. bestimmte Studienbedingungen oder Regelungen Druck und Stress bei dir und deinen Kommilitonen*innen erzeugen? Dann freuen wir uns, wenn du uns eine kurze Mail an sgm@astafh.de schreibst.

Mitmachen kannst du auch bei be part take part! Dort kannst du Ideen einreichen und über die anderer abstimmen – und so aktiv an der Gestaltung des Campus und mehr mitwirken.

Stress und Mentale Gesundheit


Auf dieser Seite findet ihr verschiedene Ressourcen gegen Stress und für mentale Gesundheit. Wenn du das Gefühl hast, dass du mehr Hilfe brauchst oder dich persönlich an jemanden wenden möchtest, schau mal ob vielleicht eins der Angebote der FH, die BMC-Ambulanz oder nightline etwas für dich ist. Weitere Beratungsangebote findest du hier.


Meditation ist fast schon Trendthema, und das verdienterweise. Meditation hilft, zu entspannen und die körperliche fight/flight-Reaktion zu verlassen. Sie bringt uns zurück ins Jetzt und hilft, uns wirklich zu erholen.

Hier findest du drei Arten der Meditation erklärt – und kannst direkt zwei ausprobieren.

• Wenn du Netflix hast interessiert dich vielleicht die Übungsserie „Headspace“.

• Einen weiteren Kurs findest du kostenlos bei der Techniker Krankenkasse.

• Dort findest du auch einen BodyScan zum Download.

• Wenn dich Meditation allgemein interessiert, gefällt dir vielleicht der 7Mind Podcast.


Spätestens nach der ersten Prüfungsphase erfährt jeder am eigenen Leib, wie wichtig Schlaf ist. Aber viele Menschen haben auch ohne durchgepaukte Nächte und Last-Minute-Abgaben Probleme beim Schlafen.
Wenn du auch dazu gehörst oder einfach Fragen zu Schlafqualität hast, interessiert dich vielleicht der kostenlose Video-Chat, der am 25.02. mit dem Schlafexperten Dr. Fabian Krapf stattfindet. Dort bekommst du 15 Minuten lang Tipps und kannst eigene Fragen stellen, die Herr Kropf dann direkt beantwortet.


Stress kann aus unglaublich vielen Quellen stammen und individuell verschieden sein. An ganz genauen Tipps für euch arbeiten wir noch. Bis dahin guckt doch gerne mal in dieses Dokument der Techniker Krankenkasse. Darin werden verschiedene Formen von Stress behandelt – ihr braucht euch also nur den Teil anzugucken, der euch spezifisch interessiert.


– Baustelle –

Hier wird noch gearbeitet. Wenn wir fertig sind, findet ihr hier Inhalte zu Selbstfürsorge, Achtsamkeit und was sonst noch mental gesund hält.