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24. Februar 2021

Corona Tips

„Corona pandemic“, the word of the year 2020 in Germany – nobody wants to hear it anymore. The situation affects us all and especially young people suffer from the restrictions. That is why we’re working on providing you with information and tips here so that you can survive these times better:

Together with friends

If we cannot be together in person, then we’ll just meet digitally! For example like this:

• Play Monday painters together

• Win in Urban-rural-river

• Guess who is it

• Watch a series together on Netflix

• Watch Youtube & Co at the same time

↑ How about e.g. a try-not-to-laugh challenge?

Draw a picture together

• Let your favorite Pokémon compete against each other

Meet new people

Here are a few digital offers where you can meet new people:

• On the Study’n’Social server over on MatterMost students can chat and videocall each other, make private groups and join weekly events every wednesday from 20 o’clock to 21 o’clock. No registration required!
For April, the event schedule is:

• April 7th: Play „Werewolves“, moderated by Enya and Alex

• April 14th: Game Night with Kim and Hannah; we’ll be playing „Skribbl“ (monday painters) and „Codenames“

• April 21st: Meet new people – bring wine, tea, beer or whatever beverage you like and get ready for a nice evening. Moderated by Alex and Jonas

• April 28th: Cooking Night with Enya; we’ll make potato chili stew with fried polenta stripes. The recipe will be online in time on the server and on our social media.

• The social counseling of the Studierendenwerk regularly organizes many different events to meet people online

• On the Discord Server „Steinfurt gegen Langeweile“ students can exchange ideas, play, learn and celebrate with one another.


Unfortunately, most of the sports activities are canceled – but necessity makes creative! Here are some offers suitable for the pandemic:

• Free training plans and training videos by university sports

• Live university sports via Zoom at small cost

• Free live online active breaks

• Free yoga videos und courses by the Techniker Krankenkasse

• There are also numerous training videos for various sports on YouTube

Without boredom

The pandemic has taken many activities from many of us. Without a goal and without a hobby it quickly becomes boring – and we spend the months in front of the TV or in front of Netflix. If you are looking for new occupations or just want to try something new, here are a few suggestions:

• Learn an instrument (for many you can find free tutorials online)

• Try out recipes

• Refresh or expand language skills (for example with the language courses of the AStA, Duolingo or Memrise)

• Read a good book

• Learn handstands

• Try or practice painting and drawing

• Craft something

Learn something new online

• Bild a pillow fort

Do you have ideas and tips that you would like to pass on? Write to us via sgm@astafh.de and we will add them to this list!

Do you want more Corona tips? Then take a look at the website of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. There you’ll find more extensive texts as well as more topics.