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24. Februar 2021

We introduce: the Student Health Management


SGM stands for Student Health Management. In our case, the SGM is a joint project of the Münster University of Applied Sciences and the AStA with the support of our health partner, Techniker Krankenkasse.

Put simply, the primary goal of the project is the healthy organization of studies for students at the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

And what's the point?

Health is important at any age. It is not only our behavior that influences our health, but also the conditions in which we live, work and study.

The university is a place where students spend a lot of time and where their habits are shaped. It is our goal that our students find themselves in an environment that is health-preserving and health-promoting for them.

Is that my business?

The target public of the project are all students of the Münster University of Applied Sciences – without exception.

The measures that are created should be tailored as precisely as possible to the needs of our students. Therefore, a survey was carried out in December 2020 in which we asked about your general state of health as well as your needs. We are currently evaluating the data and will build measures on the findings.

These could be for example: relaxation courses or information events on topics such as mental health, ergonomics, and nutrition.

The survey results could also show that certain study conditions create pressure or stress. Then we would try to change these to a version that is as healthy as possible.

We would also like to include students who would like to participate in the project.

Do you want to know more?

• Under About us you can find out who is behind the project.

• You can find out about the latest news from the SGM here on the website or on Facebook and Instagram.

If you like the project, then maybe be part take part is also interesting for you! By submitting and voting on ideas, you can actively participate in the design of the campus and more.
You can also take part in study’n’health – read more about it here.